Gainda Premium White Floor Cleaner


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  • PINE OIL BASED WHITE FLOOR CLEANER: Gainda white floor cleaner is prepared with pine oil and proves to be a super-efficient cleanser. It will help you in keeping your floors clean and free of germs. It is a homogeneous mixture of phenolic compounds, pine oil and emulsifier resulted into white to off-white shade.
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANSER WITH STRONG ODOUR: The proffered white disinfectant phenyl is formulized to kill 99.9% germs. It has strong odour and can be used directly on stains for spot cleaning, or can be diluted in water for using on hard surfaces, toilets, drains etc.
  • NO AMMONIA & MERCURIC COMPOUNDS: This white disinfectant fluid does not contain any harmful compounds of ammonia or mercury therefore it is not unsafe at all. Manufactured with proper care and as per the BIS guidelines it is safe to use.
  • HAVE A CLEAN & STREAK-FREE SURFACE: Being a great cleaner and germicidal solution this white liquid is capable to clean any kind of hard surface without leaving a streak of water or dirt. It is a powerful cleanser that also eliminates the germs and keeps the space full of hygiene.
  • DIRECTIONS TO USE: Gainda white disinfectant phenyl can be used by diluting it up to 1:50 -100 with water and with the help of swab or mop as required, one can wipe it out around. It can also be directly used on spots or stains.


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