Floor Broom with Natural Soft No Dust Grass Long Stick Jhadu ( pack of 3pcs )


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  • GRASS BROOM: prakash sales¬†brings the finest quality brooms made from Mizoram grass for daily cleaning. This broom sheds less dust, dirt, or crumbs behind and enables you to clean the floors perfectly. It will allow you to remove dust from corners effortlessly.
  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIAL: It is made of top-quality grass that produces 50 percent less straw (bhusa) than other normal brooms, it serves ultra cleaning with its Metal handle, is comfortable to hold the broom, and wipes out dust.
  • WIDE REACH: This broom is designed in such a manner that makes it easy to clean the floor without bending and making your back suffer. Its long length helps you to reach out deep under the furniture.
  • CLEAN ALL TYPE OF SURFACES: It can clean all types of surfaces like wooden home floors, tile floors, and marble floors, and can also remove the cobweb from ceilings smoothly.
  • EASY-TO-STORE: The handle has a hook design that enables you to store it easily by just hanging it. It will occupy less space and If you want, rather than hanging it, you can also keep it in any corner, then also it will not cover a large space.


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